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Looking for a professional Ukrainian translator?

Nowadays there is a lot of free translation software available. It can quickly translate texts from one language into another. However, while automatic translation can give you an idea of the text, the quality of the translation is always very poor. Modern translation programs are no match for human translator. And it is difficult to predict when and if computer can ever be smart enough to make a decent translation. The Ukrainian language is not an exception. Ukrainian translations made by a computer program usually are not correct, and sometimes funny. If you need to translate marketing materials or documents, it has to be done by a human Ukrainian translator. In Kiev there are many Ukrainian translators who can help if a translation is needed.

professional Ukrainian translatorWhen ordering a written Ukrainian translation, it is always a good idea to indicate a realistic deadline. Very often customers are not aware of the time it takes to make a good translation. In other words, clients expect Ukrainian translations to be provided faster, and the translators often need more time to make a translation. A typical Ukrainian translator can translate about 2000 words per day. If it is necessary to translate faster, it may result in poor quality of translation.

Another option is to engage several translators, but in this case there has to be someone responsible for checking and editing the whole text after translation is completed. There are various types of documents and texts which have to be translated into Ukrainian or from Ukrainian into foreign languages. Sometimes texts relate to some specific field and contain a lot of rare specialized words. In such cases customers are asked to provide a glossary to make sure that the technical terms are translated correctly.

Ukrainian translator should only translate into Ukrainian since it is his native language. It is very difficult to translate into a language which is not your mother tongue. However, in some families parents speak different languages and can teach a child two mother tongues instead of one. In this case a translator can have high mastery in two languages.

Translation can't be called an easy way to earn money. Some texts are complex and difficult to understand. And translating them is arduous work. Translator has to switch between the languages all the time. First he has to read the source text and understand it. After that he has to formulate the same idea in the other language. It is especially difficult to translate into language which is not native to the translator. Translator has to command an extensive vocabulary and be able to detect subtle differences in meaning.

It's true that in some cases there are no strict requirements to translation's style and accuracy. Such a translation could be done by anyone who speaks the language to some extent. However, some translations related to technical subjects, operation manuals and the like have to be accurate in order to avoid serious consequences in case something goes wrong. Such critical translations have to be prepared by professional qualified translators. A bad translation not only can lead to misunderstanding and projecting bad image of a company or organization, it can cause fatal accidents when a machine is not operated or maintained properly due to incorrect translation.